The Board of Directors manages the affairs of the Association and is authorized, by majority vote, to adopt rules and procedures governing the action of the Board. The Board of Directors does not have the power to direct any Chapter to expend funds (except for yearly dues to the Association Board) or take any specific action not otherwise approved according to a Chapter’s by-laws.

Each Chapter is authorized two (2) Directors.  Directors serve for two-year terms.   Chapter appointment to the Board of Directors shall be through a process as determined by each individual Chapter.  The 2018 members are:

Chair:    Joe Steel                                 NGAA-East                      (703) 380-4469 

Vice-Chair:    Jim Mohan       NGAA-West            (314) 846-4464 (H)/314-440-7079 (C))                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Treasurer:    Jerry Lenczowski     NGAA-West    (314) 842-1767

Secretary:    Joe Spytek       NGAA-East                (703) 227-8612/(703) 232-7011 (c)                                                                                                                (w)/ (h) 

The sequence of membership of the Board is shown HERE.

The NGAA Board of Directors , along with East and West Chapters' officers, participated in a teleconference with Admiral Sharp amd some of his staff on April 28, 2020.  These are the MINUTES of that meeting.